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Load Control & Billing System

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VDB Consulting Engineers cc  has developed the unique, first in the world “Load Control and Billing System”.  This system has been successfully installed at a large new shopping centre, and is currently being installed at other shopping centres.

The system is unique in that it employs a single-cable system instead of a two-cable system to supply normal and emergency power to tenants.  Tariffs are however billed at different tariffs, as Diesel generated power is significantly more expensive than Eskom power.

It features an automated billing system that allows billing and compilation of tenant accounts without physical access to the meters.  This opens various doors, as several centres could be managed from a single office, located remotely from the points of measurements. With little additional cost, the system could be expanded to bill water and gas consumption too.

The main feature of the LCBS is it’s unique “Load Control” system that contains the Maximimum Demand (MD) to a preset figure.  Several non-essential loads are shed when the preset MD is approached, thus containing the peak kVA demanded.  This in itself presents a significant saving in kVA cost charged by the Utility.

Several reports assist in managing the Electrical Distribution, like controlling / checking of the Utility account, reports if power is lost through theft, incorrect connections etc.  These messages may be received via sms or email by the System Engineer / Centre manager.

LCBS Features

·         Save kVA cost / Maximum Demand. At R110 per kVA saved.

·         Overcome the barrier of insufficient power available by installing our Load control system

·         Insufficient Power could in addition also be supplemented by Generators.

·         Your (usually substantial) investment in a Generator could be better applied, by using the Generator to cut power peaks (reducing your kVA cost)

·         Bill sub-tenants without physically ‘reading’ the meter on site. 

·         Easily add water meters at a minimal cost and bill tenants similarly for water, totally unattended!. 

·         Check your Municipality / Eskom account with the Billing System.

·         Do you suspect theft or “loss” of power.  “Loss of power” is immediately apparent on the main screen, and through reports, sms’s and emails to a designated person.

·         SA will be experiencing a steady 25% (and most probably more) increase in the cost of  electrical power for many years to come.  So the sooner you implement measures, the sooner will your investment pay for itself.

·         You retain full control of your system at all times, if so desired.  Access to the LCBS, no matter where it is located or number of systems, is possible via all regular means like internet, ADSL lines, LAN, GPRS etc or even directly on the LCBS computer.

·         Do you feel in the dark regarding your electrical distribution system, helpless in controlling electrical cost?  An LCBS system will put you in full control of your electrical cost, where it is spent, and with tools to make informed decisions on future expansion or curbing of electrical cost. 

LCBS sub-systems

·         Peak Demand Control

·         Generator System to supply additional power & Emergency power

·         Billing System

·         Distribution information, monitoring and notification system

·         Single cable, -metering and distribution system 

LCBS is ideally suited for installation in existing buildings / shopping centre, due to our technology whereby a single cable distribution is used. 

Generators may also be similarly installed in existing centres, saving expense, inconvenience and ‘down time’.  This is due to the single cable system, whereby existing cables are used, and no new cables are required.